Undertaking large, complex corporate reorganisation projects, such as spin offs, carve outs and other solvent group restructurings, always presents challenges to be considered, planned for and overcome. Some of those challenges are inherent to reorganisations in general but there are also those which stem from particular industry factors. Over the next three weeks, we will be focusing on the healthcare and life sciences industry and will, through a series of posts, highlight key considerations at each stage of a healthcare and life sciences reorganisation project.

Our ‘Kick Start your Healthcare (Reorganisation)’ series will cover:

  1. Planning: exploring gating items and some of the common issues grappled with at the early stages of planning for a healthcare reorganisation.
  2. Implementing: the key practical and logistical considerations concerning implementation. 
  3. Post-Implementation: looking to the future and considering how the reorganisation will impact business operations going forward with a view to maximising efficiencies.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss in more detail plans your business may have for a reorganisation please contact Rakesh Rathod, Charlotte Nolan and Katie Sewell or your usual Baker McKenzie contact.

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Rakesh Rathod is a partner in the Corporate Department of Baker McKenzie London, and advises clients on a wide range of corporate law matters.


Charlotte Nolan is a senior associate in Baker McKenzie's corporate group based in London. Charlotte advises clients in relation to Corporate Reorganisations and general English company law matters.


Katie Sewell is an associate in Baker McKenzie's corporate group based in London.